We won’t talk too much about hosting because PickAPage isn’t trying to become the world’s largest hosting company and rank in those keywords, but we offer managed hosting for our clients.

Managed hosting allows us, as developers, access to error logs and server messages we could not get to when hosted at another hosting company. This means less phone time with technical support with other hosting companies, have the ability to remedy the issue right away, and have us manage your website backups.

Hosting companies only want to do hosting, and do not care about keeping your website error free, nor do they know what could have caused the problem and where to start looking. If we built the website, we know where to start looking, and how to fix it.

Pricing for managed hosting varies from $50-$250/mo depending on level of resources you wish for your server to have. There are perks to higher monthly costing servers such as free SSL’s,  backups, and more.