eCommerce development is fairly straight forward these days. From the relatively cheap WordPress website with a woo-commerce add-on or Shopify store, to more complex Magento and Zend Cart creations, we can create them for you.

Some important aspects of an eCommerce website are :

  • SSL Certificates to encrypt website traffic
  • Never store client’s credit card information, use a third party such as Stripe or PayPal to do so. (There are exceptions, but require difficult PCI compliance procedures.)
  • Ideally, save the client’s information in a membership system so that they can go back to order details and contact you if anything.
  • Shipping estimation (unless digital delivery)
  • Coupons & pricing models for sales/wholesale buyers.

We will guide you through the process of registering an online merchant account if you don’t already have one. Our favorite credit card processor is stripe because it provides us with robust API’s to fine tailor the purchase experience.


Product Photography

We would like to mention that we also offer product photography. If you are just starting off, we can take all the photos of your products so you have everything you need by the time you launch the website. From basic catalog images to full out hero images of products.